Work In Progress Wednesday – May 18th


Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday!  This is the day I hope to share with you, dear readers, what I am currently crafting.  This week, I have two projects to show off.

The first one is a wedding shawl that I am making for a good friend.  M– and I attend the same church, but we also went to high school together.  She’s been through A LOT in the last ten or so years, so I want to celebrate her joyous occasion with beautiful yarn and a simple but effective lace pattern.

Oy!  That color!

I can’t wait to finish it; I only have one chart row and the bind-off to go.  I know that this certainly will grow in size once it has been blocked.  That’s where the magic happens, and I can’t wait to show you all the final results!

My second WIP this week is just a pair of ‘Plain Jane’ socks that I’m knitting for myself.  I like to have a super easy, very simple project going at all times.  One that is portable, so I can just pop it in my purse Giant Mom bag Of Doom, and go.

Self-stripping love!



I’m very lucky to have a mother who picks up yarn for me when she and my father happen to go on vacation.  When they visited family in Nevada last year, she made a trip to Jimmy Beans Wool just for me!  Yes, I know that I am loved.

What are you working on this week?  Feel free to comment and post a photo or link, so you can share in the WIP love!  I can’t wait to see them all!


3 thoughts on “Work In Progress Wednesday – May 18th

  1. The shawl loks beautiful. I look forward to seeing the end result. As for the socks, there’s just something hypnotic about self-striping yarn. Since I’m administering standardized tests all day every day for the entire month of May, I needed something fairly mindless so I can be the ever-vigilant proctor. So I’m knitting the hitchhiker with a beautiful skein of Bittersweet Woolery sock yarn in Aegean Sea. I’m also working on sock #2 of Sonoma Socks with Sock-a-licious by Kollage in a very pretty teal color.


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