Looking and Lurking

There are so many ways that the internet sucks my time.  I can’t help it; I get lost in pictures of knitting patterns, cute hair tutorials, DIY household projects, and everything toddler. There are so many ideas, and so many ways to gather inspiration, that I try not to lose track of what is going on in real-time.

So, while I should be tackling the giant pile of laundry in the basement that may soon become a living, breathing creature ready to eat my dog, I am instead going to share some of my current favorites that I have found around the net.

Meanwhile, On The Interwebs (1)

  • “Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts” from Skinnytaste.com.  I honestly can say that I have NEVER had a bad experience with any of her recipes.  This is a current favorite in our household, and is super easy to make.  I mean – come on – if a toddler will eat it, it has to be good, right?
  • Kalidoscope Design Studio.  She has a great post entitled, “How to Add Graphics and Text To Your Photos”, and it is all about adding blog graphics WITHOUT Photoshop.  I love the links that she has provided, and I have certainly learned something new and wonderful.
  • Whippy Cake.  I have short hair.  She has short hair.  There are so many tips and tricks about how to style a pixie cut, what products to use, and how to love your hair!  When I was contemplating cutting my locks a few months ago, it was the author of Whippy Cake that truly helped me take the plunge.
  • Toddler incentives, like this idea from FSPDT,  for helping young kids understand the benefits of doing something good, and being rewarded for it.  We have started a ‘Button Jar’, and it is being filled every day.  Whenever Z does something on her own without my asking, (puts clothes in hamper, puts dirty plate in sink, etc,) she get a button in the jar. If she does something kind and unprompted for another person, she gets a button in the jar. You get the idea.  And when it is all filled up, we get to do something special!

What has caught your eye today online?  Feel free to comment and share your favorites and their links!



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