A Very Wet Weekend

This just in …. I FOUND MY GLASSES!  I’ve been looking for these beauties for close to two weeks now.  I had a horrible migraine, and placed them somewhere safe, only I couldn’t remember where ‘safe’ was, and had to use my back-up spectacles.

Found safely in my spinning fiber basket!

So, the weekend.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  I’m starting to feel like I live in the Pacific Northwest.  One of my pen pals, who does live there, recently wrote that the weather there has been warm and sunny.  Can we swap, please?

There was a break in the monsoon on Friday afternoon, so Z and I decided it would be a perfect time to blow some bubbles!


My hubby, however, made the best of a wet situation and ran his first 5K race on Saturday morning!  He’s been training for a few months, and was certainly ready to race!  He started running by ‘accident’.  I had been going to the gym, and he noticed how much better (mentally) that I had been feeling, and decided to try it out for himself.  He ran a mile, then two, then three.  He really fell into with ease, and pretty soon, he was hooked.

I’m really proud of him, not just for braving the rain, but for going out and make the best of it.  And look – he won first place in his age category!!!

The face of a winner!

I spent my rainy Saturday running some errands, but mostly lounging around and resting.  Naps were had by most, including Charlie, who is always ready to sleep.

Prime snuggle time.


Today, on the last day of my weekend, I plan on taking it easy again.  I’ve had a flare up recently, and my back is super sore this morning.  For those of you who don’t know, I have a condition called ‘Psoriatic Arthritis’.  Most days, I’m just achy (thanks to my medicine, which helps a great deal,) but this damp weather, combined with an above average, very physical week at work, has me resting it up for a few days.

However, I try not to let that stop me.  I don’t want to focus on the illness.  While I try to push myself as far as I can, and accomplishing all that I can, sometimes I have to listen to my body and rest.  So, the rest of my Sunday will be knitting and napping.

What have you been up to, dear readers, on this rainy weekend?  Do you have any major plans for the week ahead?


4 thoughts on “A Very Wet Weekend

  1. Congratulations to J! And Z looks so adorable there blowing bubbles. I’m trying to work on my long-neglected WIPs this weekend since the weather has been so crummy. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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