Rain, Rain … GO AWAY

I believe that the (very hot and extremely built,) weather man on the local news explained to his viewers this morning, that almost the entire month of May has been full of rain.  Showers, thunder storms, and out right downpours.  I won’t lie; my mood has been shifty and I’ve taken far more naps that I probably should due to the wet weather.

Other people in my life have had very different ideas about it all.

“The biggest puddle EVER!”

All morning on Sunday, Z begged me to take her out to find puddles.  We took a short walk down the bike path and there it was …. a HUGE muddy puddle, right next to a downed tree.  We both made a b-line for it, and for the next hour, jumped, splashed, and laughed.  She enjoyed it so much, and I won’t lie.  I did to.

After two warm bathes and some dry clothes, I set off to finally finish some spinning that I’ve held off on for months. The fiber is so lovely; FatCatKnits is always soft, the colors always true, and never fails to spin like a dream. I’m sorry to admit that I lost the band to the braid, but I’m pretty sure that it is BFL (Blue Faced Leicester.)  I can’t wait to see how these two look once they become a 2-ply.

Ready to Ply!

I hope that you all have had a wonderful Monday!  What craft ideas will you be making reality this week?


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