This Just In

Look!!!!  I’m so excited!  My business cards came in the mail yesterday!  I’m jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas.

I feel so professional.

I have so many dreams for this blog.  I want to have a strong following.  I want to turn this into a business (I have several ideas on that front that I’m currently researching.)  I want to reach out and get to know fiber friends all over the world.

I know that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become the norms of everyday life, but I still believe that there is something to be said for having a blog.  A place to share ideas, to gain insight and inspiration, and to get to know each other.  There are so many independent dyers and spinners that I want to reach out to and pick their brains.  There are knitters who can look at skein and see one thing, while I see something different all together.

It’s that inspiration, that sense of community, that truly excites me.  As I set sail on this voyage, I want to learn as much as I can, and meet as many people as possible!  I’ve already met a few on Instagram, so I keep wondering …. who will this blog bring me to next?


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