Looking and Lurking – May 25th

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I’ve been trying to spend some time by myself this week, especially after the last two weeks at work.  To say that they were stressful is an understatement.  I know that anyone who works in nursing can agree with me.  Sometimes it’s very wonderful and rewarding.  Other times, you want to take your caffeine filled IV and hide under a rock. 🙂

So, here’s what I can’t seem to get enough ….

  • “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk” by Ben Montgomery.  I first heard about this amazing woman on NPR, and immediately I was drawn to her story.  This book truly transports the reader to walk along side Mrs. Gatewood, the first woman to walk to Appalachian Trail in its entirety.  Every chapter is a new adventure, and a welcome escape.  I keep telling myself, if she can walk that trail in tennis shoes with minor provisions, my excuses are invalid.
  • “Turn : Washington’s Spies”.  This series has held me tight since the first episode.  Now on season 3, things are starting to heat up as the Revolutionary War marches on.  Based on a book by the same name, I’m happy to report that this is a pleasant marriage between fact and historical fiction.  And while he may be everyone’s most hated character, I’m all about Simcoe (version 2.0 in season three.  That hair!  Oy!)
  • Sherwood Yarn.  She started following me on Instagram, and I’m captivated by her yarn.  The colors are so bold, and it looks SO SOFT!  Her BFL Sock keeps calling my name, and she even has my favorite shade of golden-yellow.  If you haven’t checked out her site, go there.  Now.  I’ll wait.
  • TED Talks – Sarah Kay’s “If I Should Have A Daughter”. She is a phenomenal speaker.  The moment she starts her talk, I’m glued to the screen.  She gets right to the point and you can see how much emotion goes into every sentence she shares.  This speech in particular truly speaks to me.  I want to prepare Z for the world.  That’s my job; to love, protect, and prepare.  I know she will fall.  I know she will fail.  And while it will break my heart, I want Z to know that I will always be there for her.

What are you captivated by this week, dear readers?  Are you loving cute animal photos?  Are you reading any interesting books?  I hope you will comment and share!


2 thoughts on “Looking and Lurking – May 25th

  1. I do not need more yarn. I do not need more yarn. I do not need more yarn. But those colors!

    I’ve been so tired after work this week, I haven’t read or watched anything. I am, however, enjoying your blog! 🙂


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