On Wednesdays, We Knit

Wednesday night is my favorite night of the week.  Why, you ask?  That’s when my local knit gals and I get together for coffee and creation.

Sloth Shirt, just because.


This week, it wasn’t so much about knitting as it was winding yarn.  I packed my ball winder and swift, and was ready to make some yarn ‘cakes’.  Theora, our newest member, has just purchased some lovely yarn in skein form at Maryland Sheep and Wool. ( I took a picture of her and had planned to post it, but man – I must have had the heebie jeebies because it was blurry.)

I had Z with me this week, who was excited that she got to go to knitting with Mommy.  Little did she know that, while we were winding yarn, Theora would treat her to ice cream and become her new best friend.  My little girl was in Heaven with the special treat!

So, I set the swift up, while Darcy was setting up the ball winder up, and … crappers.  I couldn’t find the wingnut that holds the bottom of the ball winder to the table.  So, we had to channel our inner MacGyver to make it all work.  We didn’t do too bad on the first skein, all things considered.

Single Ply of Doom!


After we had that finished, we moved on to the Socks That Rock skein.  A lovely shade of muted purple, we were hoping that this one would behave and wind better.

Hope is apparently for small children and unicorns.

The yarn kept catching, and it was tied in a weird way on the skein.  The ball winder apparently had had enough, so Darcy pulled out her ruler, and – ABRACADABRA GO GO GADGET KNITTER – she managed to use it as a make-shift Nostepinne!

It Worked!

By this time, the sugar  of rainbow sprinkles had kicked in, and Z and I were ready to head home.

But I have to tell you, it is night’s like this that I adore.  Friends, coffee, yarn, and laughter.  I am so blessed to know these ladies and have then in my life.  They are the reason that I live for Wednesday nights!


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