Hello. This Is Friday Calling

That’s right!

I’m so happy that it’s the weekend!  We have so many wonderful things planned, and I’m seriously hoping that the sky doesn’t open up again and drown them all out.

It has been a long week, to say the least.  While I’ve been slaving away at work, I’ve been trying to brainstorm a few things on the craft front.  I managed to get about 40% of a baby sweater under my belt, as well as to start spinning some beautiful fiber that was a gift from my dear friend, Tina.  I seriously can NOT wait to see how this plies up.

Spin ALL the colors!

And speaking of spinning, I almost forgot to share my latest FO (finished object,) with you all.  I was finally able to ply onTuesday and I am excited with how this turned out.  Now, like a dummy, I forgot to take a ‘before’ shot of the roving.  But I can tell you that it is from IntoTheWhirled, a really wonderful Indie dyer whose owner, Chris, works very hard to produce some truly amazing yarn and fiber.  Check her out, if you haven’t.  Go ahead.  I can wait.

This is the first time that I’ve ever spun from a batt, and I can tell you now, officially, before all of Blog Land … I am IN LOVE!  It was so much easier for me to control the way the color blended and eventually plied up.  This is color ‘Minotaur’ in Falkland fiber (3.9 oz.)

A beautiful mix of purple and pink

So, to say this week has been eventful is an understatement.  I truly belive that I only have two speeds … fast and faster.  And as they say, “If I’m sittin’, I’m knittin'”!


Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  I hope that you all are able to get out and do what you enjoy.


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