Looking And Lurking – June 4th

Meanwhile, On The Interwebs (1)Saturday is a sacred day for me.  I only have  two of those off from work a month, and I want to fill them with as much family time and fun as possible.  It’s also a day for me to step back and reconnect.  I like to wake up early with a cup of coffee before Z stirs, if I’m able, and catch up my favorite blogs, pursue Pinterest, and listen to some new music on Spotify.

So here’s what I’m loving this week :

  • The Fruit Bats.  This band popped up in my ‘Discover Weekly’ feed on Spotify, and I’ve been playing them over and over all week.  “When You Love Somebody” and “Humbug Mountain Song” are my top favs from this Indie Rock group.
  • My vacation starts later this week, and I’m pouring over Pinterest for ideas on outfits and packing.  The funny thing is, I already know what I’m packing.  Still, I love to look at some of the clever and cute outfits that folks manage to pull together.  I particularly like ‘Avec Amour’ and her packing math post.
  • A nine-year old girl who is creating hand-sewn bags and care packages for the homeless in her area.  This is beautiful.  Even more so, she has the love and support of her family.  I wish there were more people like her in the world.
  • Casapinka has two really great shawl patterns that keep moving higher and higher up on my favorites list.  “Loop” and “Dot” are fun shawls with a hint of color thrown in.  Perfect for those pretty skeins of stranded or hand-dyed yarn that you’re not quite sure what to do with.

What fun things have you found this week?  Feel free to comment, link up, and share!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Looking And Lurking – June 4th

  1. I love Dot! Well, they are both beautiful, but that’s my favorite. I’m trying to finish my Stephen West shawl from December.

    I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂


  2. Just found those shawl patterns the other day too! Love the Loop one especially. I’ve been struggling with more lacy shawls so I think something more simple like this would be better to start with.


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