Baltimore : Day 1

Vacation!!!!!  I’m so excited to share my trip to Baltimore, MD with you all, my dear readers.

We arrived at Rachael’s Dowry Bed & Breakfast in the early afternoon.  Norman, one of the caretakers and owners, was here to greet us.  His knowledge of the house, and of the city, was a welcome treat.  I plan to get more pictures tomorrow, when the light is better.

After checking in, the Hubby and I decided to trek down to check in for the AHA Conference, (American Homebrewers Association.)  They have so much to do at this Con; seminars, tastings, club night, and a beer/food paired banquet.  I know the Hubby is really excited, and I’m looking forward to trying some tasty beer.

Once we had our badges and swag, we made our way to the Inner Harbor for dinner and beer, and desert, and more beer!

Sunshine, Beer, and Happiness

We normally like to ear where the locals do, but we were pretty hungry.  So we stopped at the Tir Na Nog Irish Pub.  The crab cake sandwich was delish, and my first beer of the trip – “Tell Tale Heart IPA” was SO GOOD!

USS Constellation

After dinner,  we walked …. and walked …  and walked, until we finally found the LUSH boutique.  I love LUSH, in so many ways.  But there isn’t one around us, and I consider their products a well deserved splurge.  I picked up some ‘Dark Angels’ face scrub, as well as a bath bomb for Z.  The hubby even found some fantastic lotion that I know I’ll be stealing.

The AWESOME ladies at LUSH

Afterwards, we wandered around in search of desert.  Coming across Gordon Biersch, a brewpub that was right near the water.  And – wow – lookie here!  They had a special ‘Beer and Donut’ tasting!  How could we say no?

Can you say, “Bacon and Old Bay”?  It really works!

Our bellies full, and my feet sore, we decided to try yet another first …. Uber.  I can safely say that we had a good experience and plan to use the service again.  Our driver, Kirk, really knew the city, and wasn’t afraid of red lights, (we don’t need no stinkin’ red lights!)


Tomorrow, we plan to sample some beer, and have some more fun sight-seeing.  Stay tuned!


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