Ain’t No Party Like A Homebrew Party!

Oh, man.  This has been an exciting vacation.  The AHA Expo (aka, Homebrew Con,) is something out of this world.  It’s like Christmas for the homebrewer. There is an Expo with vendors and breweries, there are seminars that teach you everything from how to treat your water to brew, to brewing with different yeast strains, to just general info.  It’s crazy!

The Hubby is Happy!


My hubby has been having a blast, soaking it all it.  I won’t lie; I’ve enjoyed it as well.  Watching him geek out over brewing the way I do over yarn and fiber is just a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Here’s some photos from the Expo!

20160609_133815 (1)
We met Shawn and Mary on the way in.  Hand-knitted Hops Hats!
20160609_135440 (1)
All The Way From Texas
Friendly people!
Local Folks!





Stay tuned!  I’ll be posting all weekend, and early into the week.  I want to share my experience at ‘Club Night’, as well as a visit to another LYS!


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