LYS Review : Lovelyarns (Baltimore, MD)

Yesterday, while my Hubby went to some Homebrew seminars, I took Uber up to Hampden.  My mission …. find Lovelyarns!


This place was fantastic!  A cute and quaint store, I was so excited to visit.  Lovelyarns was voted the Best of Baltimore, so I knew it was going to be good.

The Lovely Owner

I assured her that her picture would look fine!  After all, she was such a fun person, and I really enjoyed talking to her.  She invited me to stay and knit, and to visit any time!  When I told her that I was looking to explore the neighborhood, she gave me a map and pointed out some of the best places to shop and eat.  You can’t do better than that!  I’m a stickler when it comes to customer service.  If it’s bad, trust me … I’ll never be back.  But this was NOT the case at Lovelyarns.

Now let me tell you about the yarn!  Oh, they yarn!  She has so many things to offer here.  I picked up some Berroco Vintage for baby knitting that I need to work on (co-workers, not me.)  Then I made a b-line right for the sock yarn!

So Pretty!!!

I snagged two skeins of delicious sock yarn.  I could have bought more, but there is another store I want to visit.  I mean … wow.  I really loved the mini skeins; gradient, 90 yard cuties!  And a bulk of the yarn was local, which is always a plus in my book.

The other thing that she has in her shop that I thought was so cool, were pre-made kits.  They were packaged in awesome green boxes, so that you had everything you needed for your project.

Ready To Go!

And of course, no review would be complete without a shot of my swag!

My top favs!

Are you headed to Baltimore?  Are you looking for souvenir yarn?  Then get yourself to Lovelyarns!  You will not be disappointed.


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