LYS REVIEW : Neighborhood Fiber Co. (Baltimore, MD)

My love affair with Neighborhood Fiber Co started at least six or seven years ago.  They had a booth set up at our local fiber festival, (Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival.) I was transported to yarn Heaven by the colors, the softness, and the general love of yarn that the owner possessed.  Sadly, I didn’t purchase any of their goods until The Hubby and I went on our ‘Baby-moon’.  I visited Fibre Space in Alexandria, and came away with two braids of spinning fiber.  It was delicious to spin.  Seriously.  Good stuff.

So, on my recent trip to Baltimore, it was a no-brainer.  Visit Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Pet-able Mohair Goodness

Oy!  I can’t do this shop justice with just a blog post!  The yarn was so beautiful and I wanted to take EVERYTHING home with me.  There was mohair.  There was sock yarn in at least three different bases.  Worsted and chunky weight …. and SPINNING FIBRE!

Some of my favorite colors!
Look at this amazing shawl!

The staff was fantastic!  Very knowledgeable, not to mention helpful.  I think I gave them a good laugh when I said I got lost getting there, even though they are literally a block from the Light Rail stop. (Note to self.  Look around, not just at Google Maps.) 

What’s not love?  I love it all!

I had to force myself to leave.  My self-control was only strong because I was starving and needed to get some lunch.  But I didn’t go away empty-handed!

Mine … All Mine!

If you find yourself in Baltimore, MD, make sure you include a visit to Neighborhood Fiber Co.  You will NOT be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “LYS REVIEW : Neighborhood Fiber Co. (Baltimore, MD)

  1. So jealous you got to stop by! I LOVE their colors! I’ve got a gorgeous skein (I think in Rock Creek Park colorway) of sportweight that is just a beautiful shade of purple!


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