Where To Stay In Baltimore, MD – Rachael’s Dowry B&B

The last time that The Hubby and I stayed overnight somewhere, we opted to try something new.  After that experience, my love of the Bed and Breakfast was born.  It satisfies my need for all things historical; many B&Bs are in old homes, with antique furnishings.  The breakfast is cooked, many times with ‘farm-to-table’ foods, and it’s one hundred times better than a plain ‘ol buffet breakfast at a hotel.  You are able to meet fellow travelers, and the owners are usually kind and willing to share any tidbits about the city that you’re staying in.

So, while in Baltimore this past week for Homebrew Con 2016, we decided to stay at Rachael’s Dowry Bed and Breakfast.  The Inn, built-in 1798 and completely restored, is a history buff’s dream.  The original owners of the house were friends of George and Martha Washington, and that’s not the only cool tidbit about the property.  There were so many little things, from the Victorian tile in the foyer, to the nooks and crannies holding beautiful antiques, that I fell in love with.

The Odorian Room, where we stayed
Another view of the Odorian Room

Norman, who runs the Inn, was fantastic!  Also a lover of history, I think he was happy to see that we appreciated his works in preserving the house.  The breakfast was DELICIOUS every singly morning, and the coffee …. that would have been enough to sell me on it.  Best cup o’ joe that I’ve had in ages.

Can you just leave me here?
A Tribute to Poe

If you find yourself in Baltimore, and in need of a place to stay, look no further than Rachael’s Dowry B&B.  This is where we’ll be staying again, if we every head back!

Simply Beautiful

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