I *Heart* Wednesdays

Wednesdays are my favorite night of the week,  because it is Knit Night.  I get to enjoy the company of my lovely knitting gals while drinking coffee (or sometimes beer), and sitting outside under the evening sun.

Our Weekly Haunt


This week was a wash, literally.  We started outside at the Espresso Bar, only to see the impending doom of the dark storm clouds that were moving in.  We moved across the street to Brewbakers, mostly because they have a large awning and we had Katrin’s dog, Sam, with us.  We were doing alright until …. you guessed it.  Total downpour.  But it was one of those moments in life where there is cause to stop, laugh, and forget everything else around you for a while.  We were indeed wet, but happy, and full of good beer.

Since I didn’t get any good photos from last night, I’ll share last week’s WIPs with you!

So close to the bind-off of my Drachenfels Shawl
Amanda’s Self Stripping Sock
Laura’s Sock, In Action

Socks seem to be the popular project at the moment.  And if you lived here in the Shenandoah Valley, you’d understand why.  Heat, humidity, and dashing from a surprise rain shower are all the norm.  Socks are small and portable.  I’m just about finished a pair for myself, and have cast on a pair for my mother.

I hope that you, dear readers, are part of an equally fantastic group of knitters and/or crocheters.  This is such a precious community, that I encourage you to seek out a local group if you don’t have one!

The view of the Handley Library, on my walk back to my car.

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