WIP Wednesday – September 14th


I feel like my whole life has been a work in progress as of late.  Things have been busy ; work, dye pots, running the kiddo here and there.  There hasn’t been much time for anything else.

But then I remind myself that I am in control of my time (well, most of the time.)  I just need to buckle down and schedule my day a little more diligently.  Taking the time to write down not just what I need to accomplish, but what I WANT to get done.


One project that I’ve been working on is of my own design.  I’m using my IMC Sock yarn to create a triangular shaped shawl.  The color is ‘Cotton Candy’, and it is so much fun to work with.  I’m having a blast just letting this design take on a life of its own.  I love yarn overs and open lace work.  Once I finish and block it, then it will be looking to be test knitted!  I’ll keep you all posted, in case there are those of you interested.


However, my greatest work in progress isn’t made of yarn, or wool.  My greatest WIP turned four years old yesterday.  I still can’t believe it.  She’s becoming her own person, fearless and kind, a daredevil full of love and hope.  She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I love her so much!




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