All About The Babies

I love baby showers.  The food, the friends, the silly games.  The expectant Mom glowing with happiness as she opens gifts.  Tiny baby clothes, cute pink or blue items.  I’m a sucker for these things.  So when I had the opportunity to host a baby shower for my co-worker, Marissa, I jumped all over it.

Cute popcorn favors, made by our unit secretary, Lee.

I didn’t do much as far as games went.  It was right after Marissa’s shift, and I knew that she would be tired.  Plus, people would be coming and going, so I wanted to keep it simple.  I did set up a station where people could leave cute notes on diapers.  I called it the ‘Midnight Diaper Change’.  It was a huge hit!

‘Cupcakes’ – Onesies and socks.  Again, from Lee.  Did I mention how awesome she is?

One of my favorite things at the party was the cake.  My friend, Samantha, did such an amazing job.  She’s my definite go-to for cakes from now on.  Her rich creativity, plus moist and delicious cakes, is why I will always recommend her.  (If you live in the Winchester, VA area, and want her contact info, please let me know!)

Beautiful … and tasty, too!

I was so excited when Marissa opened my gift. I had knit her a baby sweater in the most awesome shade of pink.  She loved it, and now wants me to make a matching one for her older daughter!

Belly shot!

Marissa is due at the end of October, and we’re all taking bets at work to see how long she will go until delivery.  Even the patients want in on it!  The love and friendship we have for this gal is truly beautiful.  After all, most people spend over half their time with their co-workers when working a full-time job.  I’m happy that I was able to do this for her, and for all the help that I received from Lee and the other ladies on our unit!


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