Weekend Wrap-Up : Fall Festivities

(Yes, I know that it is Tuesday.  I’m a day behind from falling ill.  Better late than never, I always say.)

Hurricane Matthew left us wet and soggy, for the better part of the day on Saturday.  Little Miss and I had planned to attend The Fall Festival at Hunting Ridge, and we weren’t about to let a little rain stop us.  After all, she had her costume on and was ready to go, and rain boots were a part of it.


Yee-Haw!  My Little Cowgirl.

Hunting Ridge Retreat is a vast area that our church owns,out in the county.  There are two small lakes, perfect for fishing or for outdoor vesper services.  Next to the outdoor pavilion is a giant charcoal fire pit, used to cook chickens for the yearly picnic.  Hunting Ridge also has a playground, volleyball and tennis courts, cabins, and a lodge.  I spent many happy weekends there when I was a child, and now Little Miss can do the same.


First of the Fallen Leaves


Yes, I Am.

There were so many fun activities.  Paint a pumpkin, decorating cupcakes, and a scavenger hunt!  Little Miss was the only pre-K kid there, but she still had a fantastic time playing with the other kids, and trying to keep up as they ran through the mud and puddles looking for clues the our Children’s Minister, Alison, had hidden.

About half-way through she gave up, declaring that she was ‘just too tired to run anymore’, so we took our time, walking back to the pavilion.  But in our travels, we came across a new little friend!  Little Miss insisted that we move it out of the way, since the other kids were running around.


Hey, Little Guy!

We went back, had a snack, and surprise … Little Miss won the costume contest!  She was very proud of herself, and had to show her daddy her prize as soon as we came home.  (It was a pumpkin carving kit, to which will be made good use of next week.)


What are your Autumn plans? Are you going to attend any fun festivals, or are there other traditions that your family participates in?






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