Fellow Fibre Friend : Chelsea Fitch

Chelsea Fitch is the owner and creator of Fiberboss, a website designed to help those in the business side of the fiber industry achieve their full potential.  I met her via her Facebook group, to which you can find the link on her website.  I’m so happy to share her post with you, and on her birthday, no less!  She’s an amazing and inspiring woman,who has helped me view my fiber business and hobbies in a new light!


I often describe my fiber art journey with the loss of a dream and the start of a life.

In 2011, the world was mine to take! I had finally finished school and was ready to start my dreams! I started to work with newspapers, magazines, and had my own photo business that was thriving! I was on MY PATH! Then about 6 months later, my world froze. (You know those moment when life seems to just stop and you’re looking at it with shock? Yeah that was my moment.)

My best friend, my partner, my husband, received a once in a lifetime opportunity to follow his dreams! We were so excited! But it meant leaving everything behind and head to Japan! Woah… Ok… I just stopped frozen, thinking… Thinking for a couple days… Thinking.  Then the phone rang… The conversation had… The shock overwhelming… I was offered MY once in a lifetime dream job! Life just stopped. What do we do?

We spent what felt like weeks, debating, thinking, feeling… Neither of us wanted the other to give up a dream! Pacing…pro/con lists… Prayer… More pacing… Then the decision was made. Japan was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was a hard decision no doubt…but we made the right one… We stepped forward with faith… with a dream lost…



Japan was good to us. We became closer, we experienced amazing adventures, BUT when my husband was at work… I was home, alone, not allowed to work… To say the least, I became severely depressed, alone, lost identity, lost hope, dark…

Then one of my greatest desires came to reality. I was blessed with my son! My heart was full again! He was a welcomed disruption to my reality. He inspired me to wake up and show him how to follow his dreams to! It was time to wake up and get out of my own way…

The loss of a dream and the start of a life is where my true dream and reality began…

When I came to the realization that I needed to truly follow my dreams, the compelling yearning to create came flooding back to me. Prior to this point in my life I was a graphic designer, professional photographer (10 years at that point), visual communication specialist. My life was about creating everything… But I didn’t want to do that anymore (at that time…) so I sat and pondered what I would learn to create. 



That brought back a million and one memories of me crafting with my grandmother. She was the wonder crafter. I remembered watching her as she would pick out fabric, quilt, sew, knit, you name it she did it and she did it wonderfully. I can still picture her wrinkled but BEAUTIFUL hands that showed stories of all her creations and hard work. And in that moment I knew I need to craft something… 

I was then brought back to a trip when I was about 8 years old at the Oregon Coast, at a place called Cannon Beach. And I remember walking the street with that same grandmother and walking past a shop that just had walls full of COLOR!!! I yanked at my grandmother’s arm and begged and pleaded to go into that shop because I wanted to buy some color… my grandmother shook her head and said, “dear, that’s yarn and you don’t know how to knit yet… let’s learn first…” But life go in the way and I never learned before she passed on. 

So in the moment pondering all these amazing memories of my grandmother in my tiny small apartment in Japan, I knew I need to create, I knew I need to create with color and texture and I knew I need to learn to knit! 



I picked it up rather quickly and taught myself after a quick lesson with a dear friend, and I was hooked. I became OBSESSED! And quickly built up a stash full of fiber dreams and possibilities. Then came the discovery of revelry and yarn shops and podcasts and the like and I quickly knew I HAD to be apart of this industry and I knew I wanted to help people. 

It took me a few years to truly find my unique place in this industry and how I could contribute with my unique and special talents but once I did I dove in deep.

I have created an AMAZING community called the FiberBoss Collective, where were love and support fiber artists in the industry go from being fiber dreamers to FiberBosses. In the community I help teach how to truly be seen as a creative in the industry that can truly get paid for their art. And I do it because I truly want to show up everyday and put in 150% because I want to help and serve my this fiber community. They have proven to me how amazing a community of love and support is in business and so I show up for them! I serve and help them to achieve their dreams as well!

My goal is to continue to help hand makers turn their dreams into profitable reality and share and save the fiber arts for our legacy to enjoy as well. I know how precious this craft is and I want to make it so people continue to share and evolve their art! My goal is that and to build an entire room with walls full of COLOR (well yarn that is… hehe).


Start by viewing Chelsea’s website, and from there, you will find links to her Facebook and Instagram accounts.  A whole new world and view awaits you!



4 thoughts on “Fellow Fibre Friend : Chelsea Fitch

  1. Very nice indeed and beautiful pics! Is Japan and knitting-haven? I love Noro yarn so have a very fanciful image in my mind of what gorgeous place it is!


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