Countdown To Christmas – Day 4

Oh, what a truly Wintery day we’re having here in the Shenandoah Valley.  We woke up this morning to some freezing rain … and ice covering everything!


Well, that’s one way to wash my muddy rain boots!

So, today’s giveaway is going to be themed correctly.  For Day 4, I’m giving away a lovely pair of stitch markers from Maryanne at The Violet Valentine.  I’ve known Maryanne for almost ten or so years now, and she not only makes beautiful accessories, she also dyes her own yarn!


How to enter : Comment below (or on my blog FB page) with your favorite way to spend a snow day!  I’ll choose a winner tonight after 8pm EST.




4 thoughts on “Countdown To Christmas – Day 4

  1. My favorite way to spend a snow day is knitting in bed while watching something good on tv. In actuality I usually spend it shoveling and taking the dog out over and over because he gets distracted by the snow and neglects to empty himself entirely and while he’s outside he eats snow so the cycle never ends….

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  2. My favorite way to spend a snow day like today, we are getting 7-9″, is to knit, watch Netflix and cuddle with my kitties!


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