Life Goals – Tech Edition

I’ve been taking this month to write down everything that I want to achieve and accomplish this year. From the smallest task (do one load of laundry every day, so that I don’t have to send for a Sherpa guide as I try to tackle the giant pile in the basement,) to the most grand and extravagant. After a recent late night FB chat with my friend, Rachael, (who lives in Guatemala doing amazing work with climate change research,) I decided to list it all. Top to bottom, A-Z.

One of my first projects was to update my tech equipment, so that I could get some fantastic work done on both my blog, and my Etsy shop.  I purchased a basic point-and-shoot camera.  Now, I know what I really wanted to buy, but I also knew that I had a budget and I wanted something that was not only easy to use, but waterproof. Miss Z spends so much time in the pool, that I wanted to be sure it was safe. Also, I killed my last camera at the lake in NY.


Such a fun little camera!



This camera had really excellent reviews, and I was fortunate to purchase the LAST ONE in the store.  I’m still playing around with it, but so far, I’m really happy.

Here are a few photos from our afternoon snow and hot cocoa adventures.


snow2 (2).JPG






My second purchase was one out of necessity.  I was using my iPad mini AND a laptop that I shared with the hubby (it worked well until we needed it at the same time.  And that always seems to be the way of it. That’s what happens when you’re main media time is after work.)  I noticed that when I started my Etsy store, it was getting harder and harder to get time on the laptop.  Then, a few days ago, my tablet died.  So, I went to the Big Box Store That Shall Not Be Named, and purchased a laptop for myself.


snow3 (2).JPG
Lenova Yoga – I love you!

I am in love with this little powerhouse!  I originally didn’t think that I wanted a 2-in-1, but wow!  I’m so glad that I purchased it.  And it was on sale!  Double win!  The only disappointment was customer service, but honestly, I didn’t go in with high expectations, and I’m not here to blast anyone, or anything, and put more negativity out into the world.

What are some of your goals for 2017?  New tech, or gadgets?  Fantastic trips or vacations?






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